We are already at the Final Week of the Regular Season!!

April 16, 2015

Unbelievable to think the season is just about over.  What a crazy season this is.

New Sponsors.  New Jerseys.  Several Beat downs, yet several really close games as well.

While their sponsor is Relentlessly Pursuing Perfection, the broomball team was desperately seeking their first win of the season.  Matching up against ArchitectSports/Team Jensen for the final time of the season, for whom they suffered a 6-1 beat down the first time they met – the prospects of a victory did not look good.  But here’s the crazy thing about Carolina Broomball.  It’s anyone’s game, on any given night.  Josh Breehl started the contest with his second goal of the season, and gave what we are pretty sure is Hendrick Lexus’ second lead of the season.  It, like the last one, didn’t last so very long, as Scott Norton tied the game one minute later, and then gave his team the lead, one minute after that!  Brett Mathew’s determination, and second assist of the game – a helper to Brandon Brown – would tie the game for a while, until Brandon Brown showed that Sharing is Caring, and assisted Mondo Normile on his first of the night, and 3rd of the season, to give Team Rossmann the lead for the second time of the night (3rd of the season, if you are keeping track of that).  Scott Norton might be better suited for Team Lexus, as his game was relentless on Monday, but instead he had plans to Architect a victory for Team Jensen, scoring his 3rd and 4th goals of the night (now totalling 6 on the season), and regaining the advantage for the contest.  But Team Rossmann was not giving up, as Mondo and Brandon would tag team again for another Brown to Normile to back of the net effort, tying the game yet again!  Now it’s not like we didn’t think she could, it just happens that so far this season she hadn’t, so maybe she was just waiting for the right time to do, and with 7:08 left in the contest, it was certainly the right time for Deb Douglas to score her first goal of the season – a goal that would enter the record books with the GWG asterisk next to it!  Nice work Deb!!!   And nice lob pass, Jerry.  If that were any higher, Deb would have been in the box for 2 minutes, instead of in the books for 2 points!!!  🙂  And so the game ended, 6-4, and Team Rossmann earns a “1” in the W column!

The first game was equally exciting, but just did not have a whole lot of scoring to write about.  Actually, there was no scoring to write about.  Greg Krypel did earn 2 minutes of quiet time to think about what “Interference” means, and there were great efforts, solid shots, and some nices saves, but somehow writing about nice passing and shooting isn’t the same as scoring :)!!!  With the tie, HD Imports/Team Monaco does end the season undefeated, with a 6-0-2 record.  Nice recruiting effort Darren!  Additionally, they have secured the #1 spot in the Playoffs!

Team Stein/Papa Murphy’s has one more game to play, but Win Lose or Draw, they have already wrapped up the 2nd seed.

The Heroic Fitness/Team Novak vs ArchitectSports/Team Jensen contest on Monday will be the one to watch for sure.  A win by Team Jensen will tie Team Novak in points, and will cause me to figure out the end of season tie-breaker stuff!

Our Matchups on Monday are:

9:10 PM – Jensen vs Novak
9:50 PM – Rossmann vs Stein

See you on the ICE!

Mondo Normile
Chief Ice Officer
Carolina Broomball
[email protected]




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