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2017 Fall Season teams have been drafted, schedule has been set, and website has been updated!

The 2017 Fall Season teams have been drafted, the schedule has been set, and the website has been updated!

The first game is Monday, Sept 18th @ 9:10 PM where Kenny Monez’s Hendrick Lexus squad will go to battle against Darren Monaco’s Heroic Fitness crew!  Mike Fitzgerald is looking to establish himself as an elite goaltender by shutting down the lethal front line of Norton, Boik, and Mathew!

The second game features Steve Hoeflin’s Papa Murphy’s gang vs. Nik Van Nort’s Carolina Blue team.  Carolina Broomball newcomer and first pick of the draft Mario Mason is looking to prove his high draft position by knocking a few past veteran goalie Kevin Drucker!

Be sure to scout out this season’s opposition at Center Ice Tavern before/after your game!

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